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    Loretto is located in southern Lawrence County in Middle Tennessee.

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Police ChiefLandmarkWelcome to Loretto, Tennessee

Nestled in southern middle Tennessee, in the beautiful Tennessee Valley, we’re truly the heartland of America. Loretto is a great place to live, work, raise a family, and enjoy life. We have natural beauty here. We have values here. And we have real opportunity here. After you’ve looked at our website, call or email us. Ask us for more information. Better yet – visit us! We’d love to show you all Loretto has to offer.

Our History

Loretto was founded in 1812 and originally called Glen Rock. In 1871 the name was changed to Loretto. The first settlers were primarily Catholic of German descent.

Farming was the main source of income with sawmills, gristmills and wagon makers adding to the overall economic outlook of the community until the coming of the railroad in 1886. The transporting of lumber by rail became a big business and it was not unusual to hear the whistle of eight to ten sawmills as morning work began.